Special Education Department

The Davis and Lane Elementary Schools, the John Glenn Middle School and Bedford High School offer a continuum of services to students with special needs. Each building has created programs that accommodate the developmental needs of the child as well as the grade level demands of curriculum and instruction. Special education teams at each building provide services to students who meet the eligibility criteria set by the state and federal guidelines. Services are provided by Learning Specialists, Speech and Language Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist, and BCBA Specialist. In addition, general staff may also provide counselling, LEP (Limited English Proficiency) and reading services as needed.

In keeping with Bedford's long established policy on inclusion, services are provided within the context of the regular education classroom whenever possible. A small percentage of students who require specialized instruction in a separate setting, attend collaborative or private special education programs. A full explanation of Bedford's special education practices is described in the Special Education Department Policies & Procedural Manual, available online.

Professional, highly qualified staff provides special education supports and services across the district. Four building-based Program Administrators oversee evaluations and services at each building, as well as a pre-school administrator. At the district level, Marianne Vines M.Ed Director supervises the special education department, providing guidance and support to all staff.

The Bedford Public Schools Special Education office is located in the John Glenn Middle School, on the left as you enter the second entrance to the school. Please send all correspondence to:

Bedford Public Schools
Special Education Department
Attn. Marianne Vines
97 McMahon Rd
Bedford, MA 01730

When you register your son/daughter with Bedford Public Schools you will complete the Home Language Survey. If you indicate that, at home, you speak a language other than English, you are entitled to have school documents translated where practicable into your primary/home language. You are also entitled to have oral interpretation services at meetings and of documents, if needed. Please use the form below to request these services. If you need assistance with this form, please contact the Superintendent's Office at (781) 275-7588. View the Need for Translation-Interpretation Services letter.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Marianne Vines Special Education Director (781) 275-5296
Donna Naugler SPED Administrative Assistant (781) 275-5296
Cynthia Larsen SPED Administrative Assistant (781) 275-5296