Developmental Characteristics and Interests of School-Aged Children

Parents please note: As you review the milestones for your child’s particular age range, keep in mind that these are estimates. Each child develops at their own individual pace. These guidelines are available to help you keep track of what is typical as each child gets older. Development can also be impacted by prenatal concerns and factors such as presence of a disability, lack of exposure to opportunities, inadequate nutrition and/or trauma history. Limited playtime and unsupervised early exposure to screens and can also impact development. In the early adolescence years this includes unregulated social media use. Your pediatrician should be monitoring your child’s pace at each annual visit, however, if you feel that your child is not meeting milestones or you suspect that there are delays, please share your concerns with your pediatrician, sooner rather than later, and communicate to school as you feel necessary.

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