Technology Education

Technology Engineering & Design

Sixth grade technology education is centered around coding. Students will learn to write their own code to program simple tasks and games. While learning how to program, students will also learn some of the theory and techniques employed by programmers for everyday objects such as cell phones, apps, and video games. Debugging lines of code, creating functions, and using variables code will all be explored. As they move through the curriculum, students will have a chance to code a simple game of their own. Additionally students will be introduced to a unit of study in Lego Robotics.

Seventh grade technology education takes the sixth grade discipline of coding and applies it to the world of robotics. Students will  design, program robots to solve various problems. In addition to basic movement commands, students will be program sensors to detect changes in the landscape around their robots, creating actual decision making opportunities for the robot itself. Students will customize their own robots for specific tasks, requiring creative, inventive, higher-order thinking.

In grade 8, students study technical drawing, computer-aided design, 3D printing, and construction technology. In technical drawing, students complete geometric constructions, and 3 view drawings. With a background of basic technical drawing principles, students will use their knowledge to transition into 3d computer design via the solidworks program, a professional CAD program used by engineers and designers.  Using computer-aided design, student use SolidWorks to complete a series of drawings. After drawings are completed in SolidWorks, students may use the 3D printer to make a small product.  For their final project,  students will create a set of house plans while studying construction technology. This class will prepare students for the engineering section of the Science and Engineering MCAS.

Staff Contacts

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Tony Ruscito STEM Teacher
John King STEM Teacher