5 Year Technology Plan

FY '13 - FY '17

A. Introduction

The Bedford Public Schools are committed to having students use technology to acquire information, build and assimilate knowledge, and communicate their understanding. Our schools are increasingly responsive to each student's individual and developmental needs, to society's demands for excellence in education, and to the challenge and opportunities presented by technology. The Bedford Public Schools promote 21st century teaching and learning in numerous ways, such as building collaborative learning communities, implementing online instruction, integrating iPad apps and online programs and tools, and researching and implementing emerging technologies.

The Bedford Public Schools remain committed to providing access to all users, to supporting technology integration, and to training teachers in effective uses. Communication and collaboration are 21st century skills that teachers build on as they collaborate with colleagues to explore and assess various technologies and look at ways to effectively integrate them in the classroom. Teachers develop, expand and improve student-based curricula units by integrating technology in new and effective ways to improve teaching and learning.

B. Curriculum Development

The district is committed to a strong and vibrant curriculum where technology is used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.  Librarians, Instructional Technology Specialists and Instructional Coaches collaborate with teachers in designing, implementing and assessing technology infused lessons and units of study that are aligned with curricula goals, district goals and state standards.

FY'13 - FY'17

  • Review the State’s Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework and work with district and school-based leadership teams to recommend ways to integrate STEAM learning into K-12 curriculum.
  • Review the effectiveness of the technology used in units of study.
  • Review students' level of proficiency for each of the recommended technology standards.
  • Identify appropriate technology (software, peripherals, online tools, etc.) in relation to curricula goals to enhance teaching and learning.

C. Professional Development

The Bedford Public Schools provide a technology-rich, professional development program, which supports the curriculum and the continued growth of teacher confidence and skill in using technology to enhance instruction and student learning. The focus is on getting teachers to effectively implement technology in the classroom as they develop, expand and improve student-based curricula units by integrating technology in new and effective ways.

FY'13 - FY'17

  • Use the grant writing process to stimulate the development of new approaches in the use of technology to support teaching and learning and to achieve district curriculum objectives.
  • Continue a professional development model for school based "innovation teams" across the district.
  • Provide teachers with curricula-based models of successful technology-enhanced lessons and approaches.
  • Provide collaborative learning communities for teachers designed to enhance technology integration in the classroom.
  • Provide in-district professional development opportunities focusing on effective technology integration.
  • Develop instructional technology competencies for staff, and provide opportunities for their attainment.
  • Monitor compliance with state benchmark standards as they relate to providing at least 0.5 FTE staff person to support every 30-60 users (staff only) in their efforts to achieve technology competency and to integrate technology into the curriculum.

D. Infrastructure

The district is committed to supporting a reliable network infrastructure, and providing a level of technical support as outlined in the state benchmark standards.

FY'13 - FY'17

  • Provide network infrastructure and technology to meet the needs of 21st century teaching and learning
  • Monitor compliance with state benchmark standards as they relate to technology purchases to ensure continued compliance to the 5:1 computer to student ratio in terms of A and B level computers (Bedford currently maintains a 2.73:1 ratio).

E. Assessment and Evaluation

FY'13 – FY'17

A regular schedule of assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the current technology is achieved through ongoing meetings within various departments, including the Technology and Library Media Department, district and school-based administrators, and curricula leaders.

F. E-Rate

The E-rate program provides discounts to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access. The Bedford Public Schools receive reimbursement from three companies at the 40% level for qualified and specific telecommunications services. The companies from which we receive reimbursement include the following:

  • Verizon New England Inc. (Telecommunications Service)
  • AT&T Corp. (Telecommunications Service)
  • Nextel Communications of Mid-Atlantic (Telecommunications Service)