Special Education

We make every effort to provide educational support to students with special needs within the regular classroom with their peers. This equitable approach to education, called "inclusion" enables all students to benefit from a variety of classroom-based activities and to learn from each other. It is our belief that we are all learners and we all have valuable learning experiences to share.

The special education staff, including special educators, speech therapist, occupational therapy, physical therapist, BCBA, and Adjustment Counselors, provides a variety of special education services. The special education staff works in collaboration with individual classroom teachers to coordinate curriculum objectives, introduce and monitor modifications, and to identify alternative teaching strategies. When necessary, supportive services may be provided outside the regular classroom, but only for short periods of a student's school day.

The decision to refer a child for a team evaluation to determine the need for special education services usually originates with the classroom teacher. Parents may also request guidance about special education from the School Counselor.

Staff Contacts


Special Education Program Administrator

Ext. 4424

Administrative Assistant

Ext. 4421


Ext. 4527


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Ext. 4512


Ext. 4446


Ext. 4515


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Ext. 4551


Ext. 4543

STEP Liaison/Teacher

Ext. 4477

STEP Liaison/Teacher

Ext. 4478


Ext. 4556

Reading Specialist

Ext. 4539

Speech Language Pathologist

Ext. 4468

Occupational Therapist

Ext. 4647

Occupational Therapist

Ext. 4647

STEP Adjustment Counselor

Ext. 4475

SAIL Adjustment Counselor

Ext. 4451

Bridge Adjustment Counselor

Ext. 4494

Adjustment Counselor

Ext. 4547


Ext. 4422