Nurse Department

Bedford school health services are provided by School Nurses. Comprehensive care is delivered recognizing that students' health and well-being have a direct impact on school performance and educational achievement.

Each of Bedford's schools has a full-time registered nurse. Two part-time registered nurses rotate between the four Bedford schools to provide additional care and support during screenings, daily coverage and special projects. School nurses impact student learning in positive ways. In addition to providing care for illness and injury, promoting wellness and and serving as a student advocate in school-based-team collaboration, school nurses also help keep students in school by:

  • Managing chronic health conditions;
  • Shortening illness-related absences;
  • Lessening the number of students sent home needlessly;
  • Identifying health-related barriers to learning;
  • Providing early detection and correction of health problems;
  • Helping teachers accommodate students with special needs;
  • Offering education and support to students, parents and staff.

The school health team assures compliance with regulatory standards set by the Mass Dept. of Public Health (MDPH) and Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). A school physician serves as an advisor to the nurses, and conducts screenings and physical exams on students as needed.

Bedford School Nurses



Bedford High School,
9 Mudge Way,
Bedford, MA 01730

(781) 275-1700 ext. 5

(781) 687-6141

Nurse Leader MSN, RN

John Glenn Middle School,
99 McMahon Ave,
Bedford, MA 01730

(781) 275-3165

(781) 275-7632


Lane School,
Sweetwater Ave,
Bedford, MA 01730

(781) 275-7623

(781) 275-4722


Davis School,
Davis Rd,
Bedford, MA 01730

(781) 275-6804 ext. 3

(781) 275-7639

Part-Time Floating Nurse, BSN, RN

Part-Time Floating Nurse, MSN, RN