Remote Counseling Support - COVID19
While Bedford High School is closed, please know that counselors will continue to support you -- our students and families -- as best we can
from a distance. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and allow us time to get back to you. To continue our guidance and counseling services we have also created counseling classrooms for grades 9-12. Students, please check your email for an invitation. For more information and resources please visit our District Counseling Department website. We thank you for your patience at this unique and interesting time for all. Take care and be well - we are all in this together!

Welcome to the BHS Counseling Department! We are committed to supporting students navigate the high school years; build self-efficacy and resilience, make healthy decisions and acquire a sense of civic responsibility. Professional and caring school school counselors advocate and facilitate individual and system change in order to empower students to embrace their potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations. We initiate access and equity for all learners, embrace diversity, and encourage collaboration in our school and community. Our comprehensive and individualized approach encompasses personal/social, career/college and academic counseling. Please find more information about our comprehensive counseling seminars here.

Academic Advising & Course Request Timeline for SY 2020-21
*Step by Step Process is in the Program of Studies, page 9

Post-Secondary Planning Kick Off Event!
Thursday, January 9, 2020 ~ 6:00-7:00pm
Please join us for an overview of the post-secondary process, including:
        Adolescent Development - junior year
        Exploring Post-Secondary Options
        Building a Program/College List
        Looking Ahead / Next Steps

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Welcome to Scoir! 
SCOIR is the system that the BHS is using to assist students (for the class of 2021 and beyond) in their college search and application process. Founded on the belief that students are more than their SATs and GPAs and that colleges are more than their rankings, SCOIR is leading a revolution to transform the college admissions process from a short-term, quantitative transaction to a long-term, qualitative engagement. The goal is for students to become more reflective in this process in order to discover best fit colleges. 

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SCOIR INFO AND VIDEO TUTORIALS:   Junior Presentation from October 11, 2019

Articles for Parents/Guardians
Finding a School Life Balance
The Key to Raising a Happy Child
Lets Stop Stressing Our Kids Out with Career Choice Pressure
Stigma of Choosing Trade Schools Over College

Parents: Let Your Kids Fail, You'll Be Doing Them a Favor

Information For New Families
We encourage you to look at our Program of Studies and peruse the school website to find general information about the school, such as courses and sequences, clubs, and athletics. If you have specific questions after reviewing the material listed on our website, please contact Kristin Ferrari and she will be able to put you in touch with a counselor via email or phone.

If you have decided to register to Bedford High School, please contact our registrar, Nancy Powell at 781-275-1700 ex. 4407 or Email to set up a time to review the paperwork. 

School counselors encourage your questions. We want everyone to have the information necessary to make informed decisions. To make an appointment with your school counselor please use the contact information below.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Alicia Linsey Director of Counseling Ext. 4408
Kristin Ferrari Administrative Assistant Ext. 4409
Meredith Tobe Administrative Assistant Ext. 4410
Charles Alperin Adjustment Counselor Ext. 4414
Brian DeChellis School Counselor Ext. 4411 Calendar
Karen Ford School Counselor Ext. 4521 Calendar
Janel Halupowski School Counselor Ext. 4413 Calendar
Alison Lohrum School Counselor Ext. 4415 Calendar
Kristen Milano School Counselor Ext. 4412 Calendar