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Dear BHS Community,

Summer is quickly coming to a close and we are busy preparing for a new school year. For educators, our new year begins in September when we welcome back our faculty, staff, and students and make plenty of resolutions. We know that there are still some complications to work out and some potential safety measures that need to be considered as we emerge from the pandemic. However, we know for sure that we are excited to have all of our students return to in-person learning.

This year, in accordance with guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we are prioritizing community building and a sense of belonging. Our academic offerings continue to be appropriately challenging, and our curriculum team is working on assessing where students are and adjusting the scope and sequence of coursework accordingly. It is important not to focus on what was lost. At Bedford High School, we are focusing on strengths and reimagining our approach to meet student needs. It will be important to reconnect our school community, reward our collective persistence, and rediscover the joy of learning.

Tending to the social and emotional health of our school community continues to be a priority for us. It is important to acknowledge that the past 18 months have been challenging for all in some capacity. Reacclimating to school life will require continued flexibility, patience, and creativity. Equity & inclusion, curriculum review, and health & wellness as supported by our Challenge Success work are also goals as outlined in our School Improvement Plan (pending approval).

There are still decisions to be made by our School Committee before we open the school year. They will be hearing community input tomorrow, August 18. Our School Committee will hear public comment(s) at 7:05 and will vote next week on mandates for the new school year. In the meantime, we have plenty of information to share with you. It is important for you to read the entire newsletter as there is helpful information and forms to fill out and submit before September 1. Though there are many contributors, newsletters are organized and sent every Monday from our wonderful Mrs. Turner. Once the school year starts, a shorter version of the newsletter is sent to students called the Monday Memo. Both the newsletter and the Monday Memo will be linked to the homepage of our website. Be sure to follow the below social media accounts for quick pieces of information and snapshots of our school happenings.

This article, Rethinking Normal: Back to School Tips for 2021 from Challenge Success founder Denise Pope offers a helpful and healthy perspective as we transition back to school. Happy New Year!


Heather Galante


Twitter: @bhs_galante

Instagram: principal_galante