Bedford students in grades 3-5 enjoy weekly 45 minute sessions with a certified music educator. Theory, appreciation of the Masters, and producing pleasurable music with voice and simple instruments form the core of the general music curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to learn about performance techniques and dance. Through team planning by Lane School Staff, the music program and the academic curriculum are well-integrated, which gives greater meaning to student work in both areas. Music in the Bedford Schools has received strong support from the Enrichment Committee of the B.E.S.T. / P.T.O. and from the community organization called POMS (Patrons of Music Students).  POMS has an excellent private lesson program available to Bedford students.  Information can be found here.

ORCHESTRA ~ starting in grade 4 students may elect to study an orchestral string instrument.

BAND ~ starting in grade 5 students may elect to study a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument.

CHORUS ~ in grade 5 students may choose to sing in the Lane School Chorus.

Orchestra and Band students receive one group lesson per week. These lessons are held during the school day allowing all students to participate. Before a student signs up for instrument lessons, he or she should understand the need for regular instrument practice at home in order to learn these new skills.

Like Band and Orchestra, the Chorus meets during the school day allowing all students to participate.  All Lane School ensembles will have three evening concerts throughout the school year.  Our concerts are a time to celebrate the new skills gained by the students and the progress made by each ensemble.  We hope you will join us for a concert!  The schedule can be found in the Performing Arts Calendar.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Brianna Creamer Orchestra (781) 275-1700 ext. 4489 Orchestra
Nicole O'Toole Band (781) 275-1700 ext. 4488 Lane School Band
Natan Wythe Music Teacher (781) 275-7606 ext. 4842 General Music & Chorus