How Families Can Help at Home

  • Make homework part of your child's routine.
  • Make reading part of your child's day. Read to your child in any language, or have your child read to you. Talk about the illustrations, the story, or real stories you know like the story you are reading. Encourage your child's imagination.
  • Develop your child's vocabulary by attentiveness to language. If they draw a picture, put together a LEGO monster, or invent a game, have them tell you what or how they made their creation. Encourage them to use words, or give them language. Use the language you use at home.
  • Develop your child's vocabulary as you do activities together. Walk together, shop together, garden, fish! New experiences offer the opportunity to learn about new places, people, ideas, and language. As you visit similar places again, try competitive category games. Who can find ten red objects on the walk? Who can find fifteen different fruits at the store?
  • For older children, encourage them to join sports teams or clubs to learn English. Give them a reason to remain connected to your home culture by speaking your home language and learning your values.