Lane Change Process and Requests

According to Appendix A-11, Lateral Salary Schedule Movement, of the 2021-2024 BEA Teacher contract, in order to be eligible for a lane change you need to notify the Superintendent's Office of your "intention to move prior to October 15 of the prior school year." For those who have or will have earned sufficient credits for lateral movement on the salary schedule, please use the link below to submit your notification in writing.

A11-Teachers may move laterally on the scale only at the beginning of a school year or as of the paycheck closest to February 1, and only if they have advised the Superintendent in writing of their intention to move prior to October 15 of the prior school year. Before September 15 of each school year, the Superintendent shall issue an appropriate notice of this requirement to each teacher and a form for the teacher's response. No teacher shall be denied lateral movement because of delay in the forwarding of records from the institution(s) where the coursework was taken.     

Please note that once courses are completed, official transcripts must be submitted for verification to Gillian Chartier, Human Resources Coordinator.

Bedford Public Schools - Lane Change Request Form