School Committee

The Bedford School Committee is comprised of five members elected by residents of the Town of Bedford, each serving a three-year term and a non-voting Student Representative who is appointed from the Bedford High School Senior class, serving a one-year term. As of January 2022, there was the addition of two appointed, non-voting representatives, one from Hanscom Air Force Base and one from METCO. to better represent the interests of those two communities of Bedford.

The School Committee uses the vision provided by the Districts’ mission statement and core values to guide decisions of the board as they work to support the Districts’ Goals.
The responsibilities of the School Committees are:
  • To appoint and evaluate the Superintendent
  • To review and approve budgets for public education
  • To establish educational goals and policies consistent with the requirements of Massachusetts General Law and statewide standards established by the Massachusetts Board of Education
The Superintendent is responsible for the administrative operation of the Districts.

Board Members



(617) 335-0991

Vice Chairperson

(781) 271-9062


(781) 367-1385

School Committee

(781) 275-0235

School Committee

(617) 416-6424

Hanscom AFB Representative

METCO Representative

Elora Syed

BHS Student Representative