Your participation in the different activities is encouraged. You will find that it is a great time to be with your friends, and it's lots of fun! However, our school policy requires that a student's work be up to date in order to participate in these activities. Failure to do so means that you may not be allowed to participate (practice or play) in these activities until your work is satisfactorily complete.

The student activities are held after school on the days that there is a late bus so that everyone has the chance to get involved.


The Student Council plays a very active part of our school life and it is an opportunity to take on a leadership role in school. The Student Council sponsors dances, school activities, and community service. In the fall elections are held for president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of the Council.


The philosophy of JGMS rests on four fundamental principles: flexibility, explorations, experimentation and application of basic skills.

John Glenn Middle School strives to offer all students the opportunity to participate in the athletic program. We believe the combination of both interscholastic and intramural sports programs at this age level is appropriate and provides opportunities for all students.

The role of athletics at the middle school level is to help students learn new skills; understand how to function in a team environment; understand the role of a team and one's responsibility to the team; appreciate healthy competition; be physically active; learn discipline and self care.

Interscholastic sports provide the opportunity for students to play competitively with other middle schools. We offer cross-country and track for all grade levels. For 7th and 8th grade students, the program consists of soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, football, field hockey and cheerleading. Our practice is to keep large teams to enable more students to be exposed to a team environment, receive instruction and practice time and work towards equal playing time. Unlike recreational sports, playing time may not be equal for all members; however, all members will receive some playing time. It may be necessary to "cut" some students in some of the interscholastic sports programs that are offered.

The intramural program gives students the opportunity to play sports on teams within the John Glenn Middle School. Programs include volleyball and indoor soccer. Students who play intramural sports do not need to "try out" to make the team, and therefore there are no cuts. The middle school is working to increase the number of intramural opportunities for students.

Below are some of the expectations for members of an athletic team at John Glenn Middle School.


  1. Players are expected to be at every practice and game, arrive on time, and remain there for the entire practice. Please try to avoid scheduling doctors' appointments during practice and game times. If you miss a practice you must bring a note explaining your absence.
  2. If the missed practice falls the day prior to a game, without the coach's permission, the player will not start the game the next day OR not play in the game. It will be the coach's decision, based upon circumstances.
  3. Extra help and detention come before practice. If you are late for practice, you must bring a note from the teacher you were with.
  4. If you are dismissed early from school and miss a practice or game, bring a note to the coach.
  5. If you are unable to participate in physical education, you are unable to participate in practices or games.
  6. You must be in school by 11:00 on a game day or practice day in order to participate.


1. Players are expected to be respectful to their teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials: in short, to everyone involved. Disrespect of any kind will not be allowed.

2. Players are expected to play any position that the coach feels will help the team.

3. Players will need to share playing time but when you are on the sideline, you should cheer for each other.

4. Remember, there is no "I" in TEAM


As a member of a JGMS team, certain academic and behavioral standards must be met.

Academic: You may fail 1 subject (from the previous marking period) and still be eligible. If you fail 2 subjects you are not eligible.

Behavior: You must be at practice to be eligible to play on the team. Detentions will hurt your playing time. If you are suspended from school on any day, you may not practice with the team or play in a game. Several suspensions may result in you being removed from the team.


The John Glenn Middle School has an outstanding performance of a musical every year in the Spring. Everyone has a chance to audition for a part as a lead or in the singing and dancing groups. It is great fun and the chance to use your talents. Crew members are very important as well. Students who are interested can paint scenery, move props and furniture, help with make-up, lighting, costumes and a whole range of related activities. Rehearsals are after school and can be very demanding of your time. You need to plan well and organize yourself so that you keep up with your school work. You will be proud to have participated in the "event of the year" at the John Glenn Middle School.


The Student Council sponsors dances several times a year, which are held from 6:30 to 8:30 PM At each dance, there is an area set up with board games, so students have a place to relax and converse somewhat away from the dance whenever they like. All JGMS students are invited to attend. Proper dress and behavior are important for everyone to have a safe and fun time! The dances are only for JGMS kids. Remember you must arrange for your own transportation. The cost of the dance is $7.00 (subject to change) and includes a slice of pizza and a soda. Please bring your Student ID to the dance.


The annual middle school yearbook is put together by a group of people who enjoy working together on a rewarding activity. The group meets during elective time, and after school if needed, to collect and record the school year for us. Students must pre-pay to reserve a yearbook. Details are announced during morning announcements.


During the year, students will be attending a variety of presentations in the auditorium. Some of the events may include campaign speeches for Student Council officers, music concerts, informational meetings and invited performers. Students are expected to maintain excellent behavior during assemblies.


Field trips are planned to add to classroom studies. All school rules are in effect. Students are expected to behave in the most positive manner in order to represent our school and community in the best light. Each field trip requires written permission from parents.


Each year the JGMS (and sometimes Hanscom) eighth graders travel to Washington, D.C. in the spring. The students travel by bus and visit various places in our nation's capital such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Smithsonian Museums. This trip is one of the highlights of the eighth grade year.

A letter about the trip will be mailed to the parents of eighth graders. In addition to detailing the itinerary of the trip, the letter will discuss expectations regarding student discipline. Please remember that the trip to Washington, DC is a privilege, not a right. Your behavior, from September to May, will be evaluated by the Administration to determine if you are eligible to attend this trip. Those who don't elect to go on the trip have alternate field trips or activities at JGMS.

Those families who would like to inquire about financial assistance should call complete the appropriate paperwork by December 1st. We cannot review requests after this date. Please see Mr Casey with any questions.


There are several art classes, other than general art, which meet during elective time. Flexes in construction and sculpture, puppet making, quilting, technology in art are just a few of the offerings in this area.


Mathematics Enrichment at the middle school is offered through a variety of options. Activities during elective are open to ALL students. The only requirement is a student's desire to explore mathematical concepts through activities outside of the classroom.


Students with an interest in science are invited to participate in the Science Fair. This club runs after school for about five months, during which time the students design and conduct an original experiment. They work on formally writing up their findings and conclude with a presentation to the scientific community as well as a more traditional science fair format. This activity is open to all three grade levels.


English enrichment offerings meet during elective time and after school. Offerings include the school newspaper, which is also published in the Bedford Minuteman and the interactive fiction club. Other offerings may include writers' workshops, spelling bee, and Language Arts Olympiad.