Mental Health Team

The Bedford Public Schools Mental Health Team (identified below) provides a district-wide, systematic focus on aligned and integrated mental health and wellness programs and coordination. The Mental Health Team aims to:

  • examine and respond to student mental health needs of our diverse community;
  • continually inform faculty and staff about mental health and wellness challenges, as well as approaches to improve awareness;
  • develop comprehensive programs and protocols for primary prevention, identification, intervention, and postvention across school departments that are predicated on best practices, and meet the unique needs of all Bedford students;
  • create effective protocols for communication and outreach among school and possibly community partner;
  • utilize assessments for ongoing needs identification, progress monitoring, and impact measurement

Bedford Cares!
Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources, Counseling Referrals and Support developed by the K-12 Mental Health Team.

Alicia Linsey, BPS Director of Counseling
Rebecca Mangini, BPS Psychologist
Heidi Porter, Bedford Director of Health and Human Services
Director of Health and Wellness
BPS Nurse Team Lead
Special Education Program Administrator
Adjustment Counselors/Social Workers
School Counselors
Town Social Worker