Counseling Department


The Counseling Department spans grades Pre-K-12 with School Counselors and Adjustment Counselors in all four school buildings. The department focuses on teaching, connecting, and caring as a community while providing a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment in which all students can learn and grow. The primary purpose of the Counseling Department is to promote the social/emotional and educational development of our students. 

The mission of the Pre-K-12 Counseling Department is to promote developmentally-appropriate social, emotional, academic, and career growth for all students. We help students build upon their strengths to develop self-efficacy and resilience, make healthy decisions, and acquire a sense of personal and civic responsibility. Through collaboration within our diverse community, we support access and equity for all learners. 

The Bedford Counseling Department supports and works with students, parents and educators to achieve balance between academic excellence and personal well being. This work includes emotional nurturance, the development of social responsibility, and educational encouragement. We are committed to a celebration of each student's unique human nature and the differences present in our student body. Counselors see students individually, in small groups, in classrooms and consult with parents and staff. We want to be accessible and responsive to you, and welcome your suggestions and feedback.