COVID-19 School Transportation Changes

To meet health and safety guidelines, Bus Registration is now required for all students who need to ride the Bedford school buses.  No unregistered riders may board a Bedford school bus during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency period.

Please see the Reopening School Plan on Transportation for more information about new lower capacity limits and health safety protocols.  


Both a seat assignment and a bus stop assignment  are required.  We must assign riders to bus stops in order to make the seat assignments possible and seat assignments are a required safety protocol.  

Update on Bus Registration as of 9/22/2020:  Bus registration is open and you may contact your school main office or Bedford Charter directly.

  • New Registrations and questions or concerns about from registered riders, please contact school main offices:

 Bedford High School     John Glenn Middle School    Lane Elementary School    Davis Elementary School

  • General questions, contact the business office.
  • To contact the Bus Depot:   Bedford Charter:  781-275-9524
  • Questions or concerns about district bus stop distance policies, please see the document below, or contact the business office.


General School Transportation Information

The routes list the stop locations and the estimated start times.  We recommend that you arrive at your stop 10 minutes to 15 minutes before the route start time for the first few weeks of school. Afternoon drop-off times vary due to the 10-15 minute loading time at each school.  Please check with your driver for an estimated time of drop-off.   Traffic and route times will become more consistent as the school year progresses.

Most routes will be similar to prior years; however, there will be some changes in stop locations and in bus numbers. Locate the stop nearest to your home address and that will be the bus route number you will use. There are stops that are on one route in the morning and another route in the afternoon. Please make note of that where it impacts you. Also, please note that the bus route number may change year to year. These lists may be updated from time to time, so please check this site for any updates. As always we will work on refining the routes and pick up times until we find the best timetable for all schools. We ask parents and students to be patient until we have achieved that goal.

The rules and expectations for all students riding the bus are outlined in each school's student handbook. Learning, understanding and following these rules and expectations will make for a safer and more pleasant bus ride and school year.