Bedford Public School ~ D.E.I. Mission Statement

Endorsed by the BPS School Committee on January 17, 2023

The Bedford Public School system is proud of its ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a district, we are aware that achieving true equity for all means that we must be on a path of committed and continuous learning of anti-bias and anti-racist practices.

We have a richly diverse student body with diverse educational needs therefore we believe we must prepare our students for engagement in a complex, pluralistic, and interconnected society. In doing so, we challenge ourselves to regularly evaluate and refine curricula, policies, and practices and commit to having the appropriate resources available to and for all members of the Bedford Public Schools.

 We seek to engage all members of our community to interact as people with multiple identities, acknowledging age, gender identity and expression, race and ethnicity, family composition, neurodiversity, learning differences, native language, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

In a purposeful way, we set out to engage in this exploration of identity, culture, and systems, while we teach and learn about impactful advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences, as well as the humanity that we all share.


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