Annual Budget Process

Development of the School Department Budget is a lengthy and challenging process that begins each year in September and ends with a Town Meeting vote at the end of March. Please find a summary of the budget development process below.

After receiving input from program administrators and teachers, the building principals submit their budget requests to the Superintendent by late October. After a lengthy internal review, rounds of revisions, and document production, the Superintendent submits the budget to the School Committee and the general public by early December. During the winter months, the School Committee discusses the budget during its regularly scheduled bi-weekly meetings, often at special meetings during off weeks, and finally at a "budget hearing" at least three weeks prior to Town Meeting (Please remember the public is always welcome to attend!) The School Committee generally votes its "official" budget at the end of January, and presents it to the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen in February. Barring any changes, the School Committee budget is presented, discussed, and adopted by Town Meeting in March.

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