Visual images are integrated into every aspect of our lives. When we open a newspaper, magazine, or packaged good, we experience visual concepts of increasing sophistication and complexity. It is through a progression from 6th through 8th grade that our art curriculum teaches students how to effectively communicate using the tools and materials of the visual arts. Students will be prepared to enter high school with a solid foundation in the interpretation and creation of the visual world around them.

In this required course, students will be introduced to the elements and principles of design, such as line, texture, form, color, contrast, balance, rhythm, unity, and variation. The middle school art curriculum focuses on how artists use and organize elements and principles creating compositions designed to communicate an intended idea. Students in the 6th grade will work in a variety of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional media. Some materials could include: tempera and acrylic paint; oil and chalk pastel; pencil and charcoal drawing; sculpting with wood, found objects and clay; pen and ink; printing; technology, digital design.

In addition to exposure to various art materials, students will begin to explore some of the following art concepts: what is art and why do people make it; art as expression; form as it relates to function; subtractive color theory (roygbiv) the painter/s primaries; and safety in the classroom. Along with the formal exploring of the materials and techniques, students will also be studying the history and cultures that developed the various forms of art seen in the world today. Students will be working both individually as well as in small groups solving a variety of visual problems as they experience the world through the visual arts.

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Paul Harrington Art Teacher
Gretchen Grant Art Teacher Aspen Website
Hailey Yerova Teacher