English Language Learners

The English Language Learners Program serves a small, but growing population of students.  In addition to current students in the ELL program, there are a number of students from multi-lingual, multi-cultural backgrounds in our schools.  All students in Bedford Public Schools receive instruction in general education classrooms.  Some students are also eligible for additional English instruction through the ELL program.

The ELL Program is committed to the future success of every student.  Just as students become proficient in English over time, we expect that most students in our schools will also graduate proficient in a second language.  We encourage you to continue to develop your child's native language, and pride in your child's heritage.  ELL students who do so not only learn English, but become excellent, confident students!

When you register your son/daughter with Bedford Public Schools you will complete the Home Language Survey.  If you indicate that, at home, you speak a language other than English, you are entitled to have school documents translated where practicable into your primary/home language. You are also entitled to have oral interpretation services at meetings and of documents, if needed.  Please use the Need for Translation-Interpretation Services form to request these services.  If you need assistance with this form, please contact the ELL Program Administrator, Carrie Powers, at (781) 275-7606 ext. 4862.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Carrie Powers (781) 275-7606 ext.4862