The school counselor is the student's advocate, an advisor at school and a person who can assist as student with a wide variety of issues during your school day. Using the counseling services is a wonderful way for a student to prevent situations from becoming problems. Just about any situation can be improved by talking things over with a counselor: a misunderstanding with a friend, issues or conflicts with teachers, or scheduling questions. The counselors are here to make the JGMS school experience the best it can be.

When students enter John Glenn Middle School, they're assigned to a school counselor. The three school counselors work with one grade level only and follow those students for all three years as they complete their middle school education. This enables a counselor to develop a relationship with their students and families. Each counselor meets with their team teachers every week. Counselors and teachers, communicate and collaborate with one another to make sure our students are having a great learning experience by offering a rich curriculum.

The Counseling Department at JGMS is committed to working with all students to assist them in reaching their individual, academic and personal potential.  Counselors help students work toward educational, personal/social development and career goals for the future. With each counselor, students may discuss any concerns they have about life, explore interests, reflect upon current responsibilities and develop strategies to become more effective personally and socially. Our counselors will work with students, their families, teachers, building administration and community leaders in order to maximize the opportunities available to students in our school.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Corinne Amirault 6th School Counselor (781) 275-3201 ext. 4661
Maureen McDermott 7th School Counselor (781) 275-3201 ext. 4665
Marcy Beinert 8th School Counselor (781) 275-3201 ext. 4664
Renee Anderson School Adjustment Counselor (781) 275-3201 ext. 4663
Lisa Butterfield School Adjustment Counselor (781) 275-3201 ext. 4649