Curriculum and Instruction

Dear Teachers, Parents, Guardians and Community Members:

As you know, the state of Massachusetts has for many years published the Massachusetts State Frameworks designed to provide public schools with a grade-by-grade description of the basis for district-level curriculum development and statewide testing. These frameworks in Math and English Language Arts reflect the Common Core, a set of learning standards developed by a consortium of states supported by the National Governors' Association and Council of Chief State School Officers.The Common Core has been adopted by several states.

While the state and national entities have continued to develop a 'common' understanding of what children need to know and be able to do to compete in a global society, over the past several years, the Bedford Public Schools has been working to help teachers gain a deeper understanding of the K-12 continuum, to develop common formative assessments and to deepen learning by encouraging students to think deeply about their learning.
In Bedford, we have created the Bedford Public Schools Learning Expectations in Math, English, Science and Social Studies K-8. We hope that the publication of the Bedford Learning Expectations will encourage conversations at home with your children and at school with your child's teacher. The 9-12 learning expectations are currently undergoing a curriculum review process at BHS.  Currently, the state standards are being implemented at the 9-12 level, and will continue to be integrated with the results of the curriculum review process.  The BHS Program of Studies provides a detailed description of requirements at BHS and graduation requirements. 
I would like to end by thanking all the Bedford teachers and administrators who have committed so much time and expertise to writing and producing these Learning Expectations, and to the faculty currently involved in the curriculum review process at BHS.  Their commitment to students and to teaching and learning is unmatched.
Tricia Clifford, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent of Schools