Questions & Concerns

Because the Bedford School System is a large, complex organization, School Committee members cannot deal directly with every matter of concern to citizens; therefore, in order to facilitate responses and help citizens who have questions or concerns about a school related matter, member of the public should be advised to follow the procedures listed below.

If you have a question concerning:

Students or Teachers: Talk to the teacher first, then the school principal, if necessary.

School Personnel: Talk to the person first, then the principal, and then the appropriate Central Office Administrator, in that order. Complaints about personnel should be presented in writing.

Policies or Procedures of the School: Talk with the Principal and, if necessary, the appropriate Central Office Administrator.

Problems which cannot be resolved at the school level should be presented to the Superintendent of Schools who will consider the matter herself or assign a staff member to resolve it. Matters unresolved at the various levels indicated above should be presented to the School Committee.