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Bedford School Lunch Program - October 2019 Newsletter


Bedford School Lunch Program

January 2020 Newsletter

Nutrikids is our point of sale system (POS) used in the cafeteria to track sales and maintain records of purchases for our School Lunch Program. Your student account is maintained in the Nutrikids data base in our office. Myschoolbucks is an offshoot of this program. By registering for a free account on you can track your students purchases for up to 30 days, sign up for low balance email alerts and set up prepayments either through a credit card or echeck. Prepayments through Myschoolbucks are $2.49 per transaction. If you do not want to pay this fee your students can make prepayments directly with our cashiers at the cash register.

Students at Lane, John Glenn Middle School and Bedford High School 4-digit pin numbers or their name are at the register to begin each transaction. Davis School students use a plastic card which has been preplaced outside the cafeteria on the wall instead of a pin number. If parents would prefer a Davis student did not have a card for purchases, please let us know and we can pull the card from use. We ask all students to begin any purchase with their account as we receive a meal reimbursement from the State for any meal purchase. Our POS system tracks these meal purchases for us and we report our meal counts directly to the State using this information.

If you have any questions about our Nutrikids program, please contact us at the number below. Myschoolbucks has a parent help line to assist in any questions you may have about their program, 1-855-832-5226. Refund for money must be placed with our office as Myschoolbucks does not hold any of your funds. Please send us an email request with the 'Pay to the Order of: ' and an address so we can put through as request for refund with the Business Office.

As with the Bedford School teachers our staff also has a Professional Day. This year we have will have our training day on January 17th, our staff will have two sessions; first a Food Allergy refresher with a John Stalker Institute staff trainer and the second session is Civil Rights training. The Civil Rights program was developed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and is required training yearly from the USDA.

If you could use a little extra money, we could use another person or two for our on- call substitute food service worker list. The pay is good ($12.62 per hour) and the commitment is flexible, hours vary a little from school to school but, you would be home in time to meet your kids from school! If interested please call Ken at the number below.

Thanks so much for your continued support and have a great day!

Ken Whittier

Food Service Director

Bedford Public Schools

781-275-9129      UDSA is an equal opportunity employer.