Secondary Literacy

The Secondary Literacy Department supports the mission of the Bedford Public Schools by helping students read actively and purposefully so that they can extend their comprehension of texts and become deeper thinkers and more effective communicators. We conduct literacy screening and diagnostic testing and recommend reading classes as appropriate. We work with content-area teachers to help integrate intermediate and disciplinary literacy instruction in all classes.

We offer three levels of reading classes as interventions designed to support students who may struggle with reading in the content areas at both the middle school and high school. We provide provide all struggling readers with instruction that is individualized, based on data and research, so they can become proficient readers. The courses we offer include:

Reading Strategies

The purpose of the Reading Strategies class is to provide direct instruction in reading strategies to students reading below grade level, with a focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary.  Being an active reader, understanding the structure of fiction and nonfiction text, summarizing, determining importance, identifying main ideas and themes, making inferences and connections, understanding author’s craft, and vocabulary development are the main components of this intervention. In addition, this course will infuse fluency work and advanced instruction in word attack skills as needed. During the year, students will practice monitoring their comprehension and selecting “just right” texts, increase their reading stamina, and practice applying reading skills and strategies during independent reading. 

Reading Skills

The purpose of the Reading Skills class is to provide direct, explicit, multi-sensory instruction in foundational literacy skills, including phonics and spelling, to those students who require a more intensive instructional approach. Instruction in word attack skills is provided in order to address gaps or weakness in reading skills. Students will work to increase their oral reading fluency by taking part in repeated readings or other oral reading opportunities with a focus on accuracy, phrasing, and expression. Because weakness in word attach and fluency impacts reading fluency and comprehension, comprehension instruction is also a focus in this class, touching on many of the same comprehension skills and strategies addressed in the Reading Strategies course listed above. In addition to whole class direct instruction, students will receive individual feedback and support with applying skills and strategies during student teacher conferencing. 

Targeted Reading

The purpose of the Targeted Reading class is to provide more intensive programming for those students who need an instructional approach and class size than cannot be achieved in the other courses. This class provides individual or small group direct instruction using a systematic structured multi-sensory approach to phonics instruction or a specialized comprehension program that cannot be delivered elsewhere. Groups are no larger than 3 students. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Alison Breaux Literacy Specialist
Rachel LeBlanc Literacy Specialist
Elizabeth Wilson Literacy Specialist