8th Grade


8th grade is an exciting time during middle school. As the oldest students in the school, we expect students to be role models for their younger peers and contribute to a kind, accepting school culture. To prepare for the bigger challenges of high school, 8th grade students are expected to take greater responsibility for their learning, organization and independent work. Of course each child is different and some will need a little extra help as they build these skills. Throughout 8th grade, we continue to help student’s develop strong student habits so they are best prepared for the rigor of high school.

8th Grade Homework Expectations:

In the 8th grade, it is appropriate to expect up to 35 - 40 minutes of homework per night in each major subject area, including foreign language. This does not mean there will always be homework in every subject, every night but this will often be the case. 

The Algebra program is more intensive and requires a greater level of independent work. Students in Algebra should plan on between 35 – 45 minutes of homework per night. 

In grade 8 students should be able to do more independent work than in grade 7, which will mean asking for help or checking with a teacher when he or she has trouble understanding a specific concept. Students should work toward independence and becoming ready for high school. 

Long-term projects are assigned in advance by major subject area teachers and Arts/ Wellness teachers, with the understanding that students will plan to do their work over the entire time, not leave it to the last minute. 

Due dates for long-term projects may fall on days when quizzes and/or tests occur, and parents are encouraged to help their children budget their time accordingly.


Check back here often for upcoming news and events!

Thurs., Oct. 6: JGMS Back to School Night for parents/guardians. --Also please browse our vendors at our first annual behavioral health fair! 

Thurs., Oct. 13: 8:30-9:30am Principal’s Coffee
Fri., Oct. 14: 6:30-9pm School Dance at JGMS cafeteria - Grades 6-8. $10 entry includes a slice of pizza and a drink.


Washington DC Trip:

The 8th Grade four-day/three-night annual trip to Washington, D.C. is a fantastic experience to end students' middle school experience. Touring the nation's capital in the spring provides students with an opportunity to make connections to the lessons they have learned in civics and participate in journey many fellow citizens of their country will make. Traveling with their classmates and teachers will create a lasting memory of their time here at JGMS. While this trip may not be right for all students, the chaperones will provide a safe and engaging environment to make all students feel comfortable.

Mr. Casey, 8th grade Social Studies teacher, spoke with students during the end of their 7th grade year about our annual Washington, D.C. trip. Students were given the opportunity to register early. Mr. Casey and Mr. Nagle will be checking in with any students who may have missed last year's presentation. Registration information can be obtained through Mr. Casey or Mr. Nagle. Registration must be mailed in or can be completed online. 

If you have any questions about the trip, please contact Mr. Joe Casey. Mr. Casey organizes and leads our trip. joseph_casey@bedford.k12.ma.us 

If your family is seeking financial aid, there is money available. Please contact Principal Tracey for more information (kevin_tracey@bedford.k12.ma.us)


Private School Application Process

If you and your child have decided to apply to private school for high school, please see the“Private School Application” page under the “Resources” tab.


Shawsheen Tech Visit

Shawsheen Valley Tech is an accredited technical high school for grades 9 – 12. Shawsheen Valley Tech regional school district is comprised of five surrounding towns, including Bedford and is free to attend for Bedford residents. Along with an academic program that parallels that of district high schools, Shawsheen offers specialized technical instruction in twenty career areas. 

Shawsheen Tech will meet with the JGMS 8th grade class on Friday September 30th to provide information on opportunities at Shawsheen and the application process. 

2016-17 Shawsheen Valley Dates:

*November 6th: Community Open House

*January 18th: 8th Grade Career Night

*February 1st: Application deadline

*February/March 2017: Interviews

*April 2017: Preliminary acceptance letters mailed

*Mid-April 2017: Acceptance forms due (rolling admission for late applicants begin)

*May 6, 2017: Testing for accepted students/parent meeting and cook-out

*May 13, 2017: Make-up testing

*Mid-may 2017: Enrollment paperwork due

*July/August: Final acceptance letters mailed to accepted students.