7th Grade


Below is some general information about what is going on in 7th grade this year. Please visit the rest of the site for additional information on what to expect from middle school, resources for academic support and extra-curricular activities. Check back here for updates!


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Homework Expectations for 7th Grade:

        -Students should expect to have up to 30-35 minutes of homework per night in each major subject area, including foreign language.

        -Students in Pre-Algebra should expect to have 30-45 minutes of math homework per night.

        -Students should keep in mind and plan for long-term projects, including Life Skills term projects, book projects...etc.,

Stress Busters for 7th graders:

Some classes have received a presentation on "Mindfulness" and have gained some ideas on techniques to use to manage stress. See below for other helpful tips:

        -Get enough sleep

        -Have a balanced diet

        -Get regular exercise 

        -Practice a relaxation technique such as yoga or meditation

        -Keep a journal

        -Talk to a friend or mental health professional

        -Explore a creative outlet. You  might enjoy gardening, drawing, writing, dance, playing a musical instrument or cooking