6th Grade


Welcome to John Glenn Middle School! As students enter middle school we recognize there are many mixed emotions. Students (and parents) are excited, nervous and full of questions about what life of a middle school student looks like. 6th grade student are curious, eager to become more independent and are ready to start accepting more responsibility. The 6th grade curriculum is designed to not only teach content and academic skills, but also learn how to develop strong student skills and manage responsibility effectively. This includes using an agenda, developing an organization system and managing the expectations of different teachers. The first months of school are about developing and supporting student skills to help students make a smooth transition to a new learning environment. Of course, part of learning is making mistakes, and to help minimize these mistakes we work in partnership with teachers, parents and support staff to help each student through this process.


In the 6th grade, it is appropriate to expect up to 20 - 30 minutes of homework per night in each major subject area, including foreign language. This does not mean there will always be homework in every subject every night but this may be the case.

There is a maximum of two announced tests per day in major subject areas that include English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Learning Strategies.

Long-term projects are assigned in advance by major subject area teachers and Arts/ Wellness teachers, with the understanding that students will plan to do their work over the entire time, not leave it to the last minute.

Due dates for long-term projects may fall on days when quizzes and/or tests occur, and parents are encouraged to help their children budget their time accordingly.

Nature’s Classroom

Nature’s Classroom is an overnight field trip for all 6th grade students in the fall. Nature’s Classroom, a prominent educational facility that specializes in providing academic and team building experiences. JGMS will be participating in a three-day, two-night program in Freedom, New Hampshire. The program offers lodging and meals for students, as well as activities aligned with state standards and the JGMS curriculum. The program will allow students the opportunity to engage in many hands-on learning activities and unique experiences, as well as to team build and develop class unity. Participation in Nature’s Classroom is voluntary and costs $275 per student. We recognize the cost may be a financial hardship for some families, and we offer financial aid/scholarship opportunities to help cover the cost.

For any questions regarding Nature’s Classroom, please contact the trip coordinator, Yellow team leader and Science teacher Nadine Coletta at Nadine_Coletta@bedford.k12.ma.us.