Private School Application Process

Private School Application

All students who plan on applying to private school for the following school year must meet with their school counselor and hand in all of the necessary paperwork (in person or via email) at least 3 weeks prior to the application deadlines. Application deadlines are typically mid – January, so it is suggested you have all of your materials in before winter break. When coming to your guidance counselor you must:

 - Please ask your teachers and your counselor to assist you in the application process. Each school will ask that at least two teachers (typically English and Math) complete a form or recommendation on your behalf. Your counselor will need to complete a form or write a recommendation, as well as supply your school records such as grades, attendance history, conduct record and standardized assessment scores.

 - We kindly ask that parents do not drop the applications off in counselor's mailboxes, and instead, have their children make individual appointments with their counselors no later than 3 weeks before applications are due. Students should be ready to discuss with their counselor their academic, physical, artistic, and social strengths, as well as anything extracurricular.

 - Many schools use online application systems such as Gateway, Ravenna or the SSAT Standard Online Application. If your school uses this method, your teachers and counselor will be notified via email of your request. It is still very important you discuss this with your teachers and counselor in advance – sometimes the emails can be sent to Spam folders.

 - If the school you are applying to wants the materials mailed to them, please provide a stamped and addressed envelope for each private school.

 - PLEASE remember, you are asking for a recommendation. Keep in mind this is extra work for your teachers. Ask them to help you in advance and remember to say "Thank you."

 - Please contact your school counselor with any questions.

We recommend that you visit schools, take tours, meet current students and gather as much information as possible to help you make the decision about which school is best for you. We always suggest that you write a Thank You note to any school that you visit.