Academic Achievement Center

Academic Achievement Center


AAC Mission:

The purpose of the BHS Academic Achievement Center is to support learners to develop the skills and knowledge they require to independently access their course curricula and attain academic achievement.

Class Overview

Welcome to the Academic Achievement Center (AAC).  We are looking forward to working with you this year. Your core subject teachers will provide curriculum, assignments, and assessments. We will work together to clear up areas of confusion, develop your student skills, stay organized and focused as you move through the year. Each student will have one to three focused correction area(s) they are working to develop during their AAC classes.

Daily Agenda

1. Daily Work PlanIdentify academic tasks/content which students are responsible to understand or complete. 

2. Practice strategy implementation by working on homework, projects, and/or studying. 

Identify strategies appropriate for the academic task, implement the identified strategy. 

3. Daily ReflectionReflect on the success of the strategy identified. 


In AAC classes there are three simple rules:
RESPECT: Respect your teachers, your classmates, and yourself.
RESPONSIBILITY; Be responsible for your own learning and working towards your goals.
RISK TAKING: Try new things and make mistakes, that is how we learn.


GradingLift Us Up

This class is graded pass/fail. You will receive  a grade each class period based on your meeting the class expectations:

Excellent - 90
Reflected on academic work and progress and worked on homework, projects, and studying
Pass - 80
Did some reflection and academic work
Warning - 70
Did some work on homework, projects, and studying
Fail - 55
No reflection or academic work

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