Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center offers a range of support services for regular education students. Our services include developing student skills in the following areas:

AAC Student Skills Matrix

Strategies for Independence

 HomeworkClassworkLong-term Projects or Studying
OrganizationDevelop and maintain a system of organizationDevelop and maintain a system of organizationDevelop and maintain a system of organization
RecordingDevelop and maintain a system for recording homeworkDevelop a system for note-taking in class.Breaking down and deliberate scheduling of component tasks
EngagementSubmission and completion of homework.Engaged participation, identification of misunderstandings and misconceptions, asking questionsMethods for successful work (active studying techniques, using graphic organizers and other tools, accessing support)
Self-regulationPersistence in planned work. Class attendance and behaviorPersistence in planned tasks


Questions for Students:

 HomeworkClassworkLong-term Projects or Studying
OrganizationHow do you organize your papers and documents for your nightly homework?How do you organize your class notes, handouts, and documents?How do you organize your materials and documents for projects and studying?
RecordingWhat is your system for recording your nightly homework?What is your system for taking notes in class?What is your system for scheduling the tasks required for finishing a project or studying?

Do you turn in your finished homework?

Do you have homework assignments finished that are zeros in aspen?

Do you participate in class?

Do you notice when you don't understand a topic?

Are you surprised when you don't do well on a test/quiz?

Do you ask questions?

Do you study actively?

Do you use graphic organizers or other tools when writing?

Do you access support from teachers or other students?


Do you do homework?

If not, what prevents you from doing your homework?

Persistence in planned work. Do you attend full class periods and behave appropriately?   Do you do the project and studying tasks you schedule?



Please use the side links to find out more information about the support services offered by the Academic Achievement Center.  If you have any questions or concerns about your student's academic progress and student skills please contact Lisa Morrison, Director of Student Achievement, to discuss your student's needs. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone Other
Lisa Morrison Director Ext. 4517
Zuzka Blasi AAC Teacher Ext. 4516
Karen Ford Ext. 4521 Calendar
Joshua Spirn Academic Achievment Center Teacher Ext. 4535
Carol Twombly Academic Achievement Center Teaching Assistant Ext. 4596
Jerome Freedman Math Center Teaching Assistant Ext. 4512