K-12 Art: Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions

K-12 Art Department Enduring Understandings:
-Creativity, innovative thinking problem solving are essential life skills that can be developed throughout life.
-Artists continually develop their work and  skills through practice, constructive feedback, reflection and revision
-Artists invent, create and experiment with a variety of tools, materials and techniques to communicate ideas and express emotions
-Looking at and discussing art can help us understand and appreciate diverse cultures, backgrounds and styles
-Art can be used as a social tool to question and challenge.

K-12 Art Department Essential Questions:
-How does one foster creativity and innovative thinking?
-What habits of mind and practice help artists grow and continue to develop?
-How does an artist choose which materials and techniques might best communicate an idea?
-How does art help us  communicate about our own experiences  and understand the lives of others?
-How does art and art making help us question and make sense of the world around us?