Community Service for BHS Students


Coordinators: Ms. Faulstich and Mrs. Creamer

DUE TO THE MARCH SCHOOL CLOSURE DUE TO COVID-19, SENIORS WILL NOT BE EXPECTED TO COMPLETE THE COMMUNITY SERVICE EXPECTATION. Students may still submit community service hours, but the expectation of completing 20 hours will be waived.

Community service opportunities are posted here:

All students are required to complete 20 hours of community service. Students are encouraged to do five hours each year. Community Service will appear on the transcript and indicate whether a student has met the required hours, is in progress of completing the hours, or has not initiated the hours. This information will also be available to students and parents in the "My Info" section on Aspen. This information will be updated at the end of each quarter, and students can view how many hours they have submitted and see their community service status.

The students must fill out digital Community Service Hour Forms each time they do community service. Each grade has its own Form (linked below). Students need to include contact information for an adult in charge (community service contact) at the community service. The community service contact will then be emailed a verification form. A student will not get credit for their hours until this verification form has been completed by the contact. Students should tell the community service contact that they will have to fill out this form, that it will be emailed to them, and that they will have to fill it out each time the student does community service with them. 

Class of 2020 Hours Form

Class of 2020 must also fill out a plan form, and will receive one hour credit for it.

Class of 2021 Hours Form

Class of 2022 Hours Form

Class of 2023 Hours Form

Class of 2024 Hours Form

There are QR codes with links to the community service digital forms and the Weebly Website outside of the Guidance Office, the Music Office, and in the Main Office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]