Personal Safety Lessons

Davis School implemented a K-2 Personal Safety curriculum during students' regularly scheduled physical education / health classes. The Personal Safety curriculum was initiated in the spring of 2005 by the Davis School Advisory Council, which is comprised of administrators, school educators, parents and a Bedford community member. The curriculum was piloted and approved by the Bedford School Committee in the spring of 2006.

The curriculum addresses the following three themes at each grade level: personal safety, strangers and touching. The personal safety unit identifies problem-solving strategies to use in uncomfortable situations. At the completion of the second unit on strangers, students will be able to define the word stranger, assess unsafe situations and describe appropriate responses. The goals of the final unit on touching are to help students understand their privacy rights and distinguish between touching that is appropriate and inappropriate. In the third unit students will also identify people they can contact if inappropriate contact occurs.

An overview of each unit and all lessons are posted below for your review. Should you require a paper copy, please contact the Davis School main office. Each lesson is scripted and each will be taught exactly as stated. If a child exhibits sensitivity toward the material presented, a school counselor or school administrator will be appropriately notified in order to privately assist a student in need. Parents will be informed if their child displays discomfort and has spoken to either the counselor or an administrator.

Topics will be highlighted in the principal's newsletter before they are taught. The Health and Wellness Corner of the newsletter will also provide you with suggestions for discussing these topics with your child at home.

Please feel free to contact the Davis School main office if you have additional questions or concerns.