Welcome to Kindergarten! There are nine Kindergarten classrooms. The Kindergarten Team is honored to be part of the Kindergarten learning journey.

Kindergarten Learning Expectations:
English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Staff Contacts

Name Title Other
Alysse Bridenbecker Classroom Teacher
Celia Oppedisano Classroom Teacher
Kainatbanu Kamthewala Classroom Teacher
Vera Corbett Classroom Teacher Website
Nancy Seldon Classroom Teacher
Kristen Enneguess Classroom Teacher
Carol Wait Classroom Teacher Website
Maria Ayala Educational Assistant
Barbara Collins Educational Assistant
Jayne Goodridge Educational Assistant
Rhonda Perry Educational Assistant
Ayesha Thomas Educational Assistant
Heather Smiles Teaching Assistant
Julie Sutton RTI Interventionist
Stacy Vallely RTI Interventionist
Lisa Bourgeois English Language Learners (ELL) Teacher
Julie Phylis Educational Assistant
Jacyln Dowling Classroom Teacher
Jaclyn Bentinck-Smith Classroom Teacher
Johnna Mangan Special Education Teacher
Bette Jervinis Teaching Assistant
Leah Lewin Teaching Assistant
Deborah Cartaglia Teaching Assistant
Kelly Craven Educational Assistant