Instructional Technology and Library Media

Bedford’s Vision 2017 guides the work of our department and promotes the integration of technology to enhance teaching and learning in our K-12 classrooms.  It is no longer enough for students to use technology merely to access information.  Research proves that learners develop ideas and thinking by actively constructing their own knowledge and learning through the creation of products, content and creative expression.  We believe that our students need to be self-reflective learners who collaboratively work in teams, think critically about issues, creatively solve problems, effectively communicate through various media, and are productive global citizens by producing new and innovative ideas.  

Our elementary school libraries are transforming into Makerspaces, where literature, research and presentation skills are tied to collaborative and creative problem-solving learning experiences.  Students use low and high tech tools to integrate literacy skills with science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills to creatively solve problems.  This interdisciplinary approach emphasizes literacy, digital literacy, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

The Instructional Technology Specialist at the elementary level researches and recommends a variety of technologies to meet the needs and learning styles of all of our students.  This position also provides professional development opportunities, such as modeling lessons, offering workshops, and coaching colleagues. This position focuses on supporting teachers in designing, implementing and assessing learning opportunities that integrate technology in new and effective ways to improve teaching and learning.

Our Biblio-Tech News and Tweets highlight examples of how students use technology to be producers of knowledge, content and creative expression in Bedford’s K-12 classrooms.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda Coviello Librarian (781) 275-7606 ext 4884
Janet Guanci Computer Lab Assistant (781) 275-7606 ext 4846
Matt Haynes Instructional Technology Specialist (781) 275-7606 ext. 4887
Venus Ho Library Assistant (781) 275-7606 ext. 4883