Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary School Forms

Registration Forms:

Kindergarten and First Grade:

The policy for admission to Bedford Kindergarten and first grade has been developed so that all children will be successful in their first years of school. For the purpose of this policy, the school year is defined as beginning July 1st and ending the following June 30th in accordance with the Department of Education Regulations.

The purpose of this policy is to define the entry age for Bedford residents and to provide some flexibility for students who move to Bedford from communities that have a different eligibility date for starting kindergarten and first grade.

Kindergarten Entrance
Children must be 5 years old by August 31st of the school year to be eligible to attend Bedford Public Schools kindergarten class.
A childs parent may request an exception if:
1.  the family has moved to Bedford from another community, and
2.  the child has attended a full day public or independent kindergarten (not daycare) program for 90 school days or more, and 
3.  the child has turned 5 by October 31st of the current school year.
In order to petition for early entrance, parents must provide the school with the following:
1.  letter requesting early admission, including information about the childs schooling and
2.  current report from his/her kindergarten program including data regarding social and academic performance, and
3.  a parent questionnaire about the childs development.
Additionally, the Davis School staff will complete an academic and social assessment of the childs functioning similar in nature to the annual screening process.
A decision regarding the childs eligibility for the Bedford public school kindergarten program will be made on an individual basis, utilizing the above information and will be determined by the Davis School Early Entrance Team, comprised of the Principal, kindergarten teacher and Early Childhood Coordinator.


First Grade
Children must be six years old by August 31st of the school year in order to enter first grade in Bedford with provision for those who entered under the exceptions above.
The option for early entrance to grade one does not apply to Bedford residents who have chosen to send their underage children to a private or public kindergarten program. These children must be six years old by August 31st in order to enter first grade, without exception.
Children who have completed a full year of kindergarten at an independent or public school (not daycare) in another town or state and then move to Bedford are eligible for the Bedford first grade program.
A child who moves to Bedford during the school year from an accredited independent or public school first grade class will be enrolled in a first grade class in Bedford.
The final decision regarding early entrance will be made by the Davis School Early Entrance Team, comprised of the Principal, kindergarten teacher and Early Childhood coordinator.
The Bedford Public School reserves the right to review the placement of any underage child after 30 school days and to change the grade level placement if deemed appropriate by the professional staff, in consultation with the students parents.