Grade 5 Supply List 17-18





            5th Grade Supply List


Welcome to the 5th grade! Below is a list of supplies that the 5th grade teachers would like you to purchase and bring with you on the first day of school in September. We are looking forward to meeting you!

2 large boxes of tissues

18 fine-point dry erase markers (any color)

4 black Sharpie pens (2 fine, 2 extra-fine)

4 dozen pencils (#2 Ticonderoga required)

1 box of thin markers – 10 or 12 count

1 box of colored pencils

4 highlighters

6 red Papermate erasable pens

2 large rubber erasers (2” by 1” size; no large novelty erasers)

1 box cap erasers

2 large glue sticks

1 package of college-ruled loose-leaf filler paper (minimum 100 sheets)

1 package of loose-leaf filler paper hole reinforcements

1 fabric zipper pencil pouch (10½” x 7.5”; standard size)

25 Sheet protectors

3 1-subject spiral notebooks, college ruled (8”x10.5” or larger)

2 Poly (durable) 2-pocket folders

4 packages square yellow sticky notes (3”x3”)

1 container of surface disinfectant wipes

We respectfully request that you purchase only the supplies listed above and only in the amounts and sizes specified. There is not room in a student’s desk for any extra supplies.


Thank You!

The 5th Grade Team