The Bridge Program is a safe, therapeutic environment that provides academic, behavioral and social/emotional supports that facilitate improved functioning in all areas.  The Bridge Program serves students with average cognitive abilities who have had difficulty making effective progress in a fully included program due to a primary social/emotional disability or disorder including Emotional Impairment, Autism, Neurological Impairment or disabilities that fall under the Other Health Impairment category such as ADHD.  Students may also have other learning disabilities, behavioral disabilities or other co-existing disorders or disabilities that require significant therapeutic supports.  Bridge services can range from a small, self-contained classroom providing direct instruction in the core curriculum to a supported full-inclusion program.  The Bridge Program offers a range of services to support the child in all areas (academically, behaviorally, socially).  Teachers are involved with all staff working with the students across settings to monitor progress and current performance.  Teaching assistants provide targeted, goal-oriented support to students and assist in the implementation of accommodations and modifications.