Registration, Records and Work Permits

If you interested in registering your child(ren) for school with Bedford Public Schools or obtaining their academic records, please contact the Registrar at the appropriate school for each child:
Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary (Grades K-2): Tami Heywood at 781-275-6804
**please see below for further details regarding Kindergarten First Grade registration.**
Lt. Job Lane Elementary (Grades 3-5): Rebecca Ricci at 781-275-7606
John Glenn Middle School (Grades 6-8): Serena Danielson at 781-275-3201
Bedford High School (Grades 9-12): Nancy Powell at 781-275-1700 ext. 4407
To access the forms necessary for registration, please choose from one of the schools below:
*Please note* - Bedford Public Schools are open only to those students who reside in Bedford and for High School students of active duty families residing on Hanscom AFB (HAFB). If you reside at HAFB and need assistance placing your child in school, please contact the Hanscom AFB School Liaison via the website here. Bedford does not participate in School Choice. You may find these policies here.
Kindergarten Entrance
Children must be 5 years old by August 31st of the school year to be eligible to attend Bedford Public Schools kindergarten class.
A childs parent may request an exception if:
1.  the family has moved to Bedford from another community, and
2.  the child has attended a full day public or independent kindergarten (not daycare) program for 90 school days or more, and 
3.  the child has turned 5 by October 31st of the current school year.
In order to petition for early entrance, parents must provide the school with the following:
1.  letter requesting early admission, including information about the childs schooling and
2.  current report from his/her kindergarten program including data regarding social and academic performance, and
3.  a parent questionnaire about the childs development.
Additionally, the Davis School staff will complete an academic and social assessment of the childs functioning similar in nature to the annual screening process.
A decision regarding the childs eligibility for the Bedford public school kindergarten program will be made on an individual basis, utilizing the above information and will be determined by the Davis School Early Entrance Team, comprised of the Principal, kindergarten teacher and Early Childhood Coordinator.
Kindergarten registration
Please click this link: Davis Online Kindergarten Registration Form for 2022-2023, for the on-line Kindergarten registration forms. At the end of this form you will also see a list of required documents. These documents and any questions should be sent to

If your child will require transportation, please review our Transportation policies and procedures here.

Please review the following policies regarding registration at Bedford Public Schools:
Home Language Survey & Translation/Interpretation
When you register your son/daughter with Bedford Public Schools you will complete the Home Language Survey. If you indicate that, at home, you speak a language other than English, you are entitled to have school documents translated where practicable into your primary/home language. You are also entitled to have oral interpretation services at meetings and of documents, if needed. Please use the form below to request these services. If you need assistance with this form, please contact Carrie Powers, ELL Director K-12, at (781) 275-7606 ext. 4862.
If you child requires a Student Work Permit, please complete the Youth Employment Form and contact the Bedford High School Registrar, Nancy Powell, at 781-275-1700 ext. 4407 to receive the work permit.