Davis Library Program

Welcome to the Davis School Library Media Center!

The mission of the Library is to encourage students to become effective users of ideas and information and lifelong lovers of reading and literature.  Our program is designed to help children understand the resources and arrangement of the library and strategies to find what they are looking for. Use of the online catalog is formally taught in the second grade, though many younger children try their hand at it sooner.

Most library skills are taught in the context of classroom curriculum. For instance, kindergartners might explore a variety of library materials to gather information about bats. First graders experience the folklore of many cultures as part of their continents study. And second graders use websites and non-fiction books in their study of Native Americans. We also share the works of a number of significant children's authors and explore genres such as Mother Goose rhymes, fairy tales, mysteries, and tall tales. It is not uncommon to find puppet shows, plays, and bookmaking going on in our library!

The Davis School Library Media Center contains over 11,000 volumes, over 25 periodicals, and an extensive collection of videos. All PC computers are networked and connected to the Internet. The Library Media Center uses Athena software for circulation. Patrons may borrow books from any school library in Bedford.

Our library media center schedule is a combination of scheduled class time as well as open use time. The library staff works closely with other staff members collaborating to coordinate with various curriculum areas.

"Reading aloud to your child is the best preparation for learning to read."